W1S1 [send] v past tense and past participle sent [sent]
1¦(by post etc)¦
2¦(radio/computer etc)¦
3¦(person to place)¦
4 send (somebody) a message/signal
5 send your love/regards/best wishes etc
6¦(cause to move)¦
7 send somebody/something flying/sprawling/reeling etc
9 send word
10 send shivers/chills up (and down) your spine
11 send somebody packing
Phrasal verbs
 send away for something
 send down
 send for somebody/something
 send something/somebody<=>in
 send off
 send something<=>on
 send out
 send something/somebody<=>up
[: Old English; Origin: sendan]
1.) ¦(BY POST ETC)¦ [T]
to arrange for something to go or be taken to another place, especially by post
Lyn sent some pictures from the wedding.
send sb sth
We sent Mom flowers for Mother's Day.
We sent her a letter of apology.
send sth to sb/sth
I'll send a copy to you for your records.
send sth back/up/over etc
He ordered coffee to be sent up.
send sth by post/sea/air etc
Monday is the last day to send cards by post to arrive by Christmas.
to make a message, electronic signal etc go somewhere, using radio equipment, computers etc
send sb sth
I sent her an email yesterday.
Radio signals were sent into deep space.
a) [T]
to ask or tell someone to go somewhere, especially so that they can do something for you there
The United Nations is sending troops.
send sb to sth
A police officer was sent to Ryan's home.
send sb back/away/over/home etc
Many of the refugees were sent back to Vietnam.
When Frank came, I told him I was ill and sent him away.
They sent me down to talk to Mr. Strachan.
Mr Ellison is here. Shall I send him in (=tell him to enter the room) ?
send sb to do sth
The U.S. offered to send ships to help in the rescue operation.
b) [T always + adverb/preposition]
to arrange for someone to go to a place such as a school, prison, or hospital and spend some time there
send sb to sth
I can't afford to send my kid to private school.
He was sent to prison for five years.
send sb away/off
I was sent away to school at the age of six.
send sb on sth
New employees are sent on an intensive training course.
4.) send (sb) a message/signal
if something that someone does or says sends a particular message, it has that meaning
Advertising sends the message that you have to be thin to be successful.
5.) send your love/regards/best wishes etc
spoken to ask someone to give your greetings, good wishes etc to someone else
Mother sends her love.
6.) ¦(CAUSE TO MOVE)¦ [T always + adverb/preposition]
to make something move from one place to another
send sth through/to/over etc sth
The blaze sent smoke over much of the city.
7.) send sb/sth flying/sprawling/reeling etc
to make someone or something move quickly through the air or across something
The explosion sent glass flying everywhere.
8.) ¦(AFFECT)¦ [T always + adverb/preposition]
to make someone or something start to be in a particular state
His lectures always send me to sleep .
send sb/sth into sth
The tail broke apart, sending the plane into a dive.
9.) send word
formal to tell someone something by sending them a letter or message
send word (to sb) that/of sth
They sent word to the King of their arrival.
10.) send shivers/chills up (and down) your spine
to make you feel very frightened or excited
The eerie howl of the siren sent chills up her spine.
11.) send sb packing informal
to tell someone who is not wanted that they must leave at once
After his four years as governor, the voters sent him packing.
send away for [send away for sth] phr v
to send a letter to a company or organization asking them to send something to you
Send away for a free recipe booklet.
send down phr v
1.) send sth<=>down
to make something lose value
The company's bad figures sent its share price down.
2.) send sb down
BrE informal to send someone to prison
send somebody down for
He was sent down for possession of cocaine.
3.) be sent down
BrE old-fashioned to be told to leave a university because of bad behaviour
send for / [send for sb/sth] phr v
1.) to ask or order that something be brought or sent to you, especially by writing a letter or by telephone
Send for your free sample today!
2.) old-fashioned to ask or tell someone to come to you by sending them a message
Charlie said he'd find a place to live and then send for me.
Get back into bed. I'll send for the doctor .
I've sent for help .
send in [send sth/sb<=>in] phr v
1.) to send something, usually by post, to a place where it can be dealt with
I sent in a few job applications last week.
2.) to send soldiers, police etc somewhere to deal with a difficult or dangerous situation
British troops were sent in as part of the peace-keeping force.
send off phr v
1.) send sth <=>off
to send something somewhere by post
I sent off the letter this morning.
2.) send off for sth
to send a letter to a company or organization asking them to post something to you
I sent off for a copy of the photograph.
3.) send sb<=> off
BrE to order a sports player to leave the field because they have broken the rules
One of Dundee's players was sent off for punching another player.
send on [send sth<=>on] phr v
1.) especially BrE to send someone's letters or possessions to their new address from their old address
= ↑forward
My flatmate said she'd send on all my post.
2.) to send something that has been received to another place so that it can be dealt with
send something<=>on to
The data is then sent on to the Census Bureau.
send out phr v
1.) send sth/sb<=>out
to make a person or a group of people or things go from one place to various other places
Information was sent out to interested students.
Search parties were sent out to look for survivors.
2.) send sth<=> out
to broadcast or produce a signal, light, sound etc
The ship is sending out an SOS signal.
3.) send out for sth
to ask a restaurant or food shop to deliver food to you at home or at work
We sent out for sandwiches.
send up [send sth/sb<=>up] phr v
1.) to make something increase in value
The oil shortage is bound to send prices up.
2.) BrE informal to make someone or something seem silly by copying them in a funny way
The film hilariously sends up Hollywood disaster movies.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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